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What is Affinity? [Guide]

As "Monster Hunter: Rise" becomes a trend online on social media and gamers, many rookies joined the society and have met many problems as well. So today, I will be explaining the problem that many newbies have met including myself, what is "Affinity"? Technically, you can see affinity as a...

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Cyberpunk2077 patch 1.2 bug fix

Recently, "Cyberpunk 2077" announced an update to patch 1.2, and many bug fixes have also become a variety of funny videos. But today, let's take a serious look at what has been changed in 1.2? By the way, the patch size of the Steam version update is 30.9GB, PS4 is...

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Endemic Life you must know

Among all the most popular games recently, Capcom's "Monster Hunter: Rise" must be mentioned. The game sold 4 million sets within three days of its release, which can be said to be extremely popular. Similar to "Monster Hunter: World", there is much endemic life in "Monster Hunter: Rise", and even...

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Games made by Malaysia Studio

Hello gamers, you all must love to play a different kind of games everyday right? But have you ever wondered who made the game you are actually playing? Today, let me show you around those studios and people who participate and make those games. First, although it is a 2016...

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【March 26th】Daily Game News

I believe that everyone must have know that 《Monster Hunter: Rise》 has been released on Nintendo Switch today! But please don’t forget that there are other pretty good games coming to be released in this year, some of them are releasing right after 《Monster Hunter: Rise》 as well. But anyway,...

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